A new ‘flexible and progressive’ IS-BAO Stage 3 option for Operators.

The IS-BAO Standards Board, (which consists of both operators and IBAC representatives) whilst meeting at BACE  this week announced a new source document for ‘progressive’ Stage 3 IS-BAO achievement.

The Standards Board Stage 3 focus group have developed a blueprint for a Progressive Stage 3 option that will be an equal choice to the traditional Stage 3. Operators will decide which Stage 3 option is most appropriate for their organisation and culture.

IBAC hope to beta test and further develop this option in 2019 with several mature Stage 3 operators.

IBAC Director Ben Walsh provided the following detail as part of his update:

‘Through close Programme and operator coordination, the Progressive option consists of at least a six-year term, annual progressive web audits, integrated IAP, SMS data sharing, as well as industry roundtables, mentoring, and leadership choices’ said Ben 

‘For the first time at BACE we leveraged a quick win from the Stage 3 focus group with the IS-BAO Operator Continuous Improvement Roundtable. These operator-led roundtables, leveraging IBAC resources and support, will continue at the NBAA International Operators Conference 2019 in San Francisco and at the European Business Aviation Association’s EBACE 2019 in Geneva’.

‘The Progressive Stage 3 SMS data will augment data from IS-BAO audits, IBAC safety data, and other industry sources to support the roundtables’.

Ben finished by saying ‘This is an exciting development designed specifically for the business aviation operator’ and further discussed the continual growth of the IB-BAO program worldwide and its further acceptance by regulators around the globe as part of their State Safety Program’.


Additional Details on Progressive Stage 3:

The New Entrant Focus group is working with the IS-BAO Programme team on:

  • a web-based startup guide for the new IS-BAO operator,
  • simplified SMS tools, and
  • improved operator collateral.

While there will be improvements for all new entrant operators, the primary constituent appears to be the single aircraft operators.

IBAC’s latest update states they have teamed with NBAA’s small operator working group to make the scalable IS-BAO even more so with some pre-scaled functions for a simpler, smoother implementation and audit process for busy small operators.