Asia Timezone IS-BAO Online Training is here!!!

When is the next IS-BAO training in our region…?  This is certainly a question we hear quite often.

Finally some good news!

As a result of COVID-19 travel restrictions, IBAC will be conducting a Fundamentals of IS-BAO and Auditor Accreditation workshop during normal working hours in Asia! 

Details surrounding registration (including an early-bird rate) can be found here

Please support this initiative – which will help operators save with travel cost during these challenging times for our Industry.

The Aviation Safety Asia team look forward to seeing your smiling faces on-line during the training in October!

Register now



About IBAC Training:

Source: IBAC

One of the first initiatives for adopting the industry codes of best practices and achieving the globally recognized IS-BAO or IS-BAH registration standard is sending a representative from your organization to one of these workshops.

Typically, the IBAC workshops consist of two day-long sessions. The first day is dedicated to IS-BAO or IS-BAH fundamentals and is followed by a day focused on auditing and evaluation requirements, with an emphasis on SMS performance validation.

Day One: Fundamentals (required for IS-BA Registered Companies)

  • Assists operators with implementation efforts, and 
  • Provides a practical approach to managing an SMS based on ICAO principles.
  • Provides training for auditor renewal
  • requirement is only currently mandated for IS-BAH within 36 months of audit per IS-BAH 2.7.1

Day Two: Auditing (required for IS-BA Auditors and Programme Support Affiliates)

  • Trains Programme Support Affiliates & Internal Auditors to conduct evaluations and provides essential training in SMS performance validation; and
  • Provides training required for auditor renewal