Aviation Safety Asia partners with FlightSafety International to support Hong Kong airline industry pilots post COVID-19


HONG KONG, CHINA – Aviation Safety Asia (ASA) today announced details surrounding the launch of a partnership initiative with FlightSafety International (FSI) to offer struggling airline employee staff in Hong Kong an opportunity to transition to a Corporate (Business) Aviation career.


Corporate Jet engagement by both high-net-worth individuals privately and via charter services is growing significantly as the greater Asia region continues to re-open post COVID-19 restrictions. 


In support of a large number of airline employees (not just pilots but also support airline staff) facing uncertainty at present, a limited-time opportunity exists for industry participants. This will allow pilots (ICAO based commercial pilot licence is a pre-requisite) to become type rated on not one, but two models of the region’s most popular long-range business jets. 


The Gulfstream 550 (G550) flies at altitudes as high as 51,000 feet at a speed of up to 0.855 Mach with a range of almost 7,000nm. With one of the largest cabins in its class, the G550 can seat up to 19 passengers. 


Included in this special ‘COVID-19 – Airline Industry only package’ is a type rating on the ‘smaller brother’ Gulfstream 450 aircraft.


Launching today’s announcement in Hong Kong, FlightSafety International’s Regional Marketing Manager Mr Winston Leong commented:

‘This is a great opportunity for both FSI and ASA to support our airline industry colleagues who have been contemplating a move at some stage in their career to corporate aviation. We often hear of pilots who always say they wish they had a chance to fly a high-performance business jet aircraft at some stage in their career or as they move towards retirement.

This package offer will never be repeated – the pricing is strictly restricted to support Hong Kong Airline staff who face uncertainty in the post COVID world’.


Completing this FAA-approved course will allow pilots to add the Gulfstream 450 and 550 to their existing FAA licenses or other ICAO based licence via the relevant regulatory authority (except EASA). The majority of corporate jets based in Hong Kong are operated under FAA or Overseas Territory registries who will automatically add the rating to candidates’ licences.


Hong Kong only licence holders are required to complete an additional ‘base training’ element outside the simulator. 

Further details on the exciting package can be found here or via by requesting an information package via [email protected]  


G450:550 Airline STAFF ONLY