The first ‘one stop’ solution for Third-party Aviation Safety Accreditations in the Asia-Pacific

Compliance can be a complex and costly element of Aviation Operations, just meeting regulatory requirements can be difficult.

When it comes to third party accreditations it can become even more difficult to justify additional costs and increase an organisations ‘acceptable level of safety’ threshold – particularly if ‘lagging’ safety indicators such as accidents and incidents are not occurring at the time.

But how do you put a cost on that real accident when the day comes…

This is the multi-million dollar safety question – the challenge of ‘production vs protection’ Aviation Operators face daily.

Fortunately with regards to the cost of such protection – there may be some light at the end of the tunnel for corporate/business aviation operators across the Asia Pacific from New Zealand to China through Aviation Safety Asia (ASA).

An ASA representative was today quoted as saying:

‘The launch of Aviation Safety Asia’s full suite of the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) and complementary accreditation services now gives Corporate Aviation Operators within the Asia Pacific a cost effective solution to ICAO SMS compliance’.

‘With this comes peace of mind for operators and their VVIP passengers which can give operators a significant business advantage’.

So it appears finally the ancillary costs (flights, accomodation, transportation, per-diem, etc) of multiple auditors visiting your site over numerous days can now be considerably condensed – and your IS-BAO assessment can occur at the same time as your IS-BAH accreditation and Wyvern renewal… 

Plus you get all those audits over and done with at once!

And if you happen to be a Drone Operator ASA can certify your operations to the UAS International Standard to meet ICAO SARPS for such operations.

Sounds like the perfect solution…

For further information contact the ASA team:

Third Party Accreditation Organisations