New IS-BAO 2018 Protocols Mandated

The new 2018 IS-BAO Standard and protocols that were published in draft format in January of this year became available to use for audits on July 1st, 2018.

The 2018 Standard may now be used to conduct IS-BAO audits and will be required to be used for audits after June 30th, 2019 (when the 2017 Standard expires).

Until that date, either Standard is available for use as per the preference of the operator.

The 2018 Standard contains some significant changes from the previous versions of the Standard .

For this reason, IBAC has put together a training module on the 2018 Standard Differences to assist operators to prepare for the transition to the 2018 Standard.

This IBAC presentation can be accessed via the link below.

It is recommended by IBAC and ASA that all IS-BAO operators move forward with adopting the new standard for your first or upcoming audit - utilising the 2018 protocols.

Additional 2018 changes include a requirement for a representative from each accredited operator to attend IS-BAO training every 24 months.

Aviation Safety Asia - IBAC Presentation Operator_2018_Standard_Differences

Source: IBAC