When is the next IS-BAO or IS-BAH Course/Training/Fundamentals/Workshop thing…

Planning your IS-BAO and IS-BAH fundamentals training is essential to ensure adherence to the ‘Compliance Monitoring’ Standards from IBAC (heads up for your next audit…!)

A representative from your organisation must have attended fundamentals of IS-BAO or IS-BAH workshop (IS-BAH doesn’t count for IS-BAO or vice-versa, unfortunately) within the following time periods before your registration (initial):

  • IS-BAO:  Initial Accreditation only (renewal recommended only)
  • IS-BAH:  The previous 36 Months (3 years)

Upcoming IS-BAO courses can be found below:

Upcoming IS-BAH courses can be found below:

Click on the links above to register via Eventbrite.

To request a super competitive, all-inclusive quote for your upcoming IS-BAO/IS-BAH renewal or initial audit you can reach out to Aviation Safety Asia here